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Sharing Ideas

One of the Wridea’s killer feature is to let you share your ideas with your friends or Wridea community. This collaboration functionality gives you great ability to make your ideas even bigger and more innovative.

There are two types of sharing in Wridea:

  1. Sharing ideas
  2. Sharing idea pages

Sharing Ideas

When an idea is shared, the target group/friends can see your idea and post comments to it on your public page.

In order to share an idea, simply move your mouse over your idea and click “Sharing” link

Now select the target group for sharing your idea:

If you select “Private” your idea will not be shared by any one. If you select “Friends only” option, Wridea will ask you the friends who you would like to share with. If you select “All Wridea users”, your idea will be visible by anyone who is registered at Wridea.

Once you select your target group/friend, click “Save” button.

You will see your shared ideas with a shared icon next to them:

That’s all. Your idea is shared and your friends can now share their feedbacks about your idea easily.

Sharing Idea Pages

When you share an idea page, all ideas included in that page will be shared by target group/friend. To share your idea page, simply select the page you would like to share and then click “Sharing Settings” in the page menu:

The sharing process is just the same as in idea sharing section. Follow those steps to complete idea page sharing.

Once your idea page is shared, you will see a small sharing icon next to your page: